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No more FakeBook!

FaceBook is the dominating worldwide social network on the internet. All your friends, relatives, and colleagues defiantly have a FaceBook account. Every person has an account, and only few don’t; and now I am one of them! Yes, I used to have an account at on FaceBook hopefully I had left it now after more than 3 years of using it. This was more than enough to expose the truth of this useless anti-social website.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The truth about internet-based businesses: My personal guide

After the global economic recession, many people have suffered from - the least - some money-bleeding. Specially those who had a business; because they were the people who have created trouble in the first place. The raising pricing to nearly every retail product was a major key to this. However, non-retail businesses got into much less cash-loss, since they are not the ones selling products. So what do I mean by non-retail businesses? Well, let's focus about internet-based businesses in this article.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Financial Survival: Personal Guide

Money does not make you happy! This is the saying we knew from a long time. Many of the people around the globe consider it right and others wrong, each depending on his personal point of view about life. However, that does not mean it is not important and no one stupid or smart enough to argue about it, importance, and of course, it is a waste of time to talk about that.

An economic principle about income represents the source of the income with owning elements of production, which is three: Work, capital, and land. In addition, of course, the most common and prevalence is the work. The human effort no matter what is it. That means your income being determined according on two factors the price of it (for your work that is wage) and the hours you spend on it. In general, the prices of most jobs (wages) are limited and the working time that is available legally and naturally is limited too!

That forces us all to manage and distribute our money (income) to a certain number of products and services (cannot be exceeded) rationally and economically, anyways, the case is what to do? How can we manage the income? Let us say how to control how to control the expenses? These questions are just some thoughts of the whole case. They can drive us to many similar questions describe the globe concerns just in few words.

However, this article will contain some tips and ways to do and follow that may help, it will not bring money from scratch! Or, making you rich! It will just help you to have a better, healthy financial status.