Perfection is reachable! That's what we believe in. Nonetheless, it's hard to reach, and isn't simple at all! On the other hand, perfection doesn't mean something is at its best condition; because that's relative, but as we think it has, the best condition can be reached according to the effort spent on it.
We, the Flaw Spots team, are just normal ordinary people from this wide world, trying to share our thoughts of perfection, on anything that would come-up to us. We want to be part of the perfection process where ever it is! We hope that if our thoughts hasn't changed anything yet, it may actually inspire someone on this planet to have good wills towards changing things to the best.

So, if perfection is reachable, and we want to be at the process of it, how do we reach it? The essential concept behind Flaw Spots is to crack-down those imperfections, and reach-out for solutions. But yet again, we are ordinary people; the people who watch-out for the daily things that is around us, and effects our modern, complicated lives. Therefore, we might not be your typical reviewer, or critic, but we want what's best for our living-being, and mother-earth. We know that we aren't alone. Anyone who shares this kind of obsession is our partner, and would love to hear other views from people like us.

- The Flaw Spots Team:
       * Bilal AlKhatib
       * Zeyad Haj-Bakri