Friday, March 26, 2010

Debate of debate

Argument is a nature of the human being. Everyone has to argue about something! Actually, people LOVE to argue and debate! Why do they? Simple, because they feel they are right, powerful, and important. Is there anyone do not want to be? Sure, we all do, we all want to. Because it satisfies a need for our emotions, it energizes our spirit. However, when you look at a conversation between some friends, as a spectator, without interfering with it, you find out that they are not talking, arguing, or even debating! No, the realty is very ugly. You find out, with one word, they are dictators! Each one is trying to control the other, trying to hunt his (his or her) FLAWS! (That is our job), trying to embarrass him or her, trying to make him or her look wrong, they just keep trying to do that and even a lot more. What makes things even worse is that there is no reason for it! They gain nothing; they have no goal of this whole fight. They are not trying to solve a problem, to reach perfection (as we do).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Scoop On Toyota's Latest Safety Recalls

With every industry, units, or parts of units, have defective issues. Big, respectable companies will usually publish a recall, so owners could get the problem fixed. The auto-industry is no different. However, with standardizing, and quality management, these recalls have been fading away. Now Toyota is one of the biggest companies to claim that they are top of the quality-list, and that they have been recall-free for some considerable time. But you know the time when everything is right, then it all goes wrong? Well, that's what exactly is happening with Toyota, and their latest sticking-throttle recall. You surely heard of it, but Flaw Spots will be taking you through a guide on what went wrong with Toyota, what's causing it, what's the fix, and what's our view of this big issue. Please hit the jump to read more